Dock Street Deli

About Our Deli

Monday-Saturday 11am — 5 pm.


Who we are

Two local Tacoma families that have
been in the food industry for over a
decade have joined forces to bring you
Dock Street Deli. Husband and wife,
Brad and Vern Wilkinson and husband
and wife, Jeff and Adrielle Flinders are
very excited about this new endeavor.
Vern will be our official “deli manager”
and onsite daily, any questions, ask
her! Brad is our master chef and has
put together most of the menu. If there
is something that needs to be fixed,
Jeff is there in seconds. Adrielle will
handle all marketing and social
media….. and of course being the
master sampler of all new food items.
Get ready to excite those taste buds!


Tales from the community

Coming soon

Providing the highest quality food and service

taken by our customers